• Achieve better instock

  • Reduce lost sales

  • Improve forecast accuracy

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High quality process driven Software as a Service for our clients

Our mission is to simplify complexity by providing a "high value" portfolio of software as a service that deliver quantifiable results at a low cost so that manufacturers / suppliers / businesses can focus on their growth.

Let our software manage the analysis of metrics and the supply chain within your day-to-day business while you maintain energy on moving your business forward. Our apps will help you slice and dice your way to the top.

If you or your analysts are tired of pulling reports together, let our software do the heavy lifting of the data. It can even provide the analysis as a service

Software as a Service

Your success is our goal. We strive to align your goals with business partner goals. Whether you are in 1 retailer or several, we can ensure you gain complete visibility across all domains and channels.
Our specialty software provides action-oriented reactive and proactive analysis built-in. Much of the report generation and analysis can be automated thereby keeping our operating costs low, which we pass on to you so you can save money and negate your need for additional headcount!
You set tolerances, and it will manage to the exceptions allowing you to focus energy on growing business!
Need help with forecasting at store/item, item/DC, or total category? We have an industry shaking algorithm that incorporates previous and forecasted weather and events, current demographics, supply chain efficiencies, and your product knowledge. We understand that YOU are the expert and know the product better than anyone and therefore deem it important that your vision of where the product line is headed influences the calculated forecast measures!
We aren't just your run of the mill coders. We have industry experience as the user and make sure the visual interface is simple, clean, and easily digestible. We also make it a priority to have process involved to reach tangible results. See below for a sample screen shot:

With over a decade of experience inside the world's largest retailer, we understand what actions to take to make the business run smoothly. Vast experience in major functions such as replenishment, pricing, and modular development afford us to make informed recommendations via our software package.
We have maintained strong relationships with former and current leadership in the Replenishment, Modular, and Pricing organizations both U.S. and International. We have packaged our knowledge and recommended plans of action into our software. That coupled with your insight will continue the growth of your business.

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